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Products & Services

Power Division
Customers always need our power division because handling and division of UPS systems and other electronics is must in every critical field. The products offered in this classification are deployed in commercial and home establishments that have greater power requirements. In addition, these are reliable and caliber solution for sensitive and running office appliances.
Solar Power Division
Our Solar Power Division has products that offer both DC and AC output for up to 1K watt. These products have compatibility with module solar panel. In addition, these are loaded with fuzzy logic intelligence for optimum application of solar power. Further, they offer safety to connected load and optimum performance.
System Integration Division
Provided System Integration Division comprises network deployment, rooms monitoring, monitoring systems, smart racks and more. These offer efficient utilization of electronics and safe space for sensitive application. In addition, the products offer sufficient separation and management of electrical as to avoid dangerous damages and causalities in any home, industrial and commercial space.
Power Products & Peripherals
Our Power Products and Peripherals have electrical products that are multi and single phase, distortion safe and mechanical controllers, which offer impeccably constant output even in harsh conditions of un-stabilized voltage. Further, our products extend life of customers’ equipment, minimize losses and reduce heating. Through our products, customers can increase power and its quality.